The mission of the Yakima Valley Lacrosse Association is to develop leadership skills, a disciplined work ethic, community involvement, and promote student learning. Focusing on team building activities will allow club members to grow as members of socie

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HS state keeping rules

9.2.0 The following statistics will be kept by each team for each League game and reported to the League via by 24 hours after the end of each contest:
A. Goals 
B. Assists 
C. Groundballs 
D. Shots on Goal 
E. Goalie Saves 
9.3.0 The following definitions (per NCAA) will be used in recording league statistics: 
A. Goalkeeper saves - A save is recorded any time a ball is stopped or deflected by the goalkeeper’s body or crosse in such a manner that had the ball not been stopped or deflected, it would have entered the goal.
B. Assists - Any one direct pass by a player to a teammate who then scores a goal without having to dodge or evade an opponent, other than the goalkeeper who is in the crease, is recorded as an assist. There can be only one assist on any goal scored. 
A. Ground ball - Any ball not in the possession of one team that comes into the possession of the other team in live-ball play can be a ground ball. This may occur on an intercepted pass (the ball does not have to hit the ground) or from a ball checked loose onto the ground. Further, the ball must be obtained under pressure (another opposing player must be WHSBLA Handbook, Rev. 9/30/2014 8 within 5 yards of the loose ball). When such a ground ball is obtained, the player gaining the ground ball must be able to perform immediately the normal functions of possession (shoot, pass, cradle). Should any of these conditions not be met, a ground ball may not be awarded. A player cannot drop the ball of his own volition, pick it up again, and be credited with a ground ball. Ground balls should be awarded as part of the face-off play; however, a ground ball is not always awarded when an official signals possession on a face-off play, since his definition of possession does not rise to the standard of that of a ground ball.